Triplet Water Damage

Hello, after flooding at home my collection of about 30 triplet opals (the slice of opal with clear cap) 8x6mm are now white and cloudy and you can see drops of sweat or condensation insid ethe cap.

Have you any idea how they can be dried out?
Any tips will be gratefully received.
All the best

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Triplet Water Damage
by: Peter

Hi Tony,
Not good news I'm afraid.

Once a triplet (usually constructed with normal epoxy glue ) gets wet, the glass cap separates marginally from the opal slice...hence the opaque white look.

Drying out won't make any difference to the appearance of the triplet whatsoever at this point.

What is needed is for the glass tops to be removed and replaced using fresh epoxy glue (and usually new tops as well).
A tricky operation at best because of the thinness of most opal slices used in the manufacture of opal triplets. ( When not individually hand made using slightly
thicker opal)

Worst still is, if the triplets were produced in an inferior manner that allows the opal to separate slightly from the backing as well, this means that even though the top cap may be replaced so that the opal is clear again,it
will have lost the darkening effect of the backing which highlights and deepens the colour of the opal slice.

In all of our doublet and triplet manufacture, only highly water resistent 24 hour epoxy resin is used and also made in such a way that the deepening and highlighting of colours is never dimished or lost.

I hope that this answers your question....

Kind regards, Peter
@ Opalsonblack

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