The Opal & The Ladybird !

by Barbara from Opals-On-Black
(Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia)

The Opal & The Ladybird !

The Opal & The Ladybird !

I had set up this opal pendant to be photographed, taking my time, finding the "right" angles ...the next thing "one of those magic moments of nature" happened when a ladybird just suddenly dropped onto the black opal pendant and right into my camera's focus!

Luckily I had by that time got my camera settings nearly ready to start photographing the opal pendant and after the initial shock of seeing this ladybird in my viewfinder, I very quickly just started snapping photos - this little beauty of nature must have given me about 3 seconds of posing and then, walking along the string of pearls, stopped to give me another 3 seconds of camera posing!

I took the opportunity it gave me and then it just disappeared as quickly as it had arrived!

This was one of those rare photo opportunities and it's never happened to me before and I can only think that the ladybird was attracted to the colours of this opal !

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