Stunning Opal & Tourmaline Pendant!

Opal & Tourmaline Pendant

Opal & Tourmaline Pendant

Opal & Tourmaline Pendant

The opal for this pendant is a high quality Cooberpedy Gem Crystal Solid Opal that we sold to the United States & has been made into this beautiful piece of jewelry as a family gift.

"The opal is set and backed in 14k gold.

We used a prong setting and also set the stone into a very low bezel, as you recommended, with the edge coming out a little beyond the opal for protection. You can still see the majority of the opals edge all around.

I added a pear shaped tourmaline natural stone, as both opal and tourmaline are my daughter’s birthstones. I thought the color of the tourmaline went well with the fire of the opal. The tourmaline is mounted in 14k rose gold and the rest of the design is made of palladium.

The chain is actually made up of three 1mm chains, (gold, rose gold and palladium) carrying the same theme as the pendant.

The pictures don’t do it justice as the piece is stunning and the fire and colors of the opal are beautiful."
(Greg W. U.S.A.)

** Our thanks to Greg for kindly giving permission for us to display & share this lovely Opal & Tourmaline Pendant!

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