How Thin Can A Doublet Be Made ?

by Steve Goodin
(Bellevue WA)

(An Opal Doublet 6 x 4mm)

(An Opal Doublet 6 x 4mm)

I wanted to place a thin oval doublet in an oval ring bezel and I would need a very slim - say 1 mm thick doublet.

Is this a possible thickness for a doublet?

I would even consider hand thinning it if I needed to to get the thickness right.

The reason for this is that I was planning on placing a small gold cross on top of the doublet and then securing it with clear resin filled to the top of the bezel.

Thanks for your insight


Hi Steve,

Thank you for your Opal question.

Yes, a 1.0mm thick layer of opal would be perfectly OK for an opal doublet.

Actually with what you have described, you could even go down to 0.5mm thickness for the opal (if bright enough) but usually though, the thicker the opal, the more 3D effect there is in the colour play of the gem.

Good luck with your project, it sounds a beauty.

Best regards, Peter

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