Two-Tier Brilliant Gem Crystal Opal Doublet & Gold Pendant - P288

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Two-Tier Gem Crystal Opal Doublet & Gold Pendant

A breathtaking & stunning high quality Opal Pendant!

The colours on display here are predominantly crimson reds, reds, red-orange, gold-greens & a few beautiful sky-blues.

The opal is very high quality Gem Crystal Opal from Coober Pedy, permanently backed to pendant bodies of jet black leadlight glass, with a hardness of 6.5, identical to that of opal.

The specialised way in which our doublet jewelry is created insures it will NEVER diminish in clarity or brilliance .... EVER!

The bail is Australian Solid 14 carat Yellow Gold, hallmarked 585 whilst the gold bead between the two-tier is solid 9 carat Yellow Gold.

A stunning piece of Australian Opal Jewelry,
sure to be the center of attention!

Very high quality Gem Crystal Opal Doublet & Gold Pendant
Opal Origin:
Coober Pedy, South Australia
Overall Pendant Length:
Opal Doublet Sizes:
Top Tier: 9.5mm x 5.3mm x 4.7mm thick
Bottom Tier: 9.5mm x 7.8mm x 5.4mm thick
Crimson reds, Reds, Red-orange, Gold-Greens
Rolling Flash
Australian Solid hallmarked 14 carat Yellow Gold & Solid 9 carat Yellow Gold bead.

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