Solitare Gem Opal Pendant
With Genuine Australian Cooberpedy Opal...(P340)

Brilliant Solitare Gem Opal Pendant with genuine Australian Opal!

Brilliant Solitare Gem Opal Pendant!

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Price:  Aud. $330.00

A beautifully crafted Opal Doublet Pendant using top grade Gem Crystal Opal from Coober Pedy, that plays brilliant red, blue & green fire in a mesmerising 3D effect!

The backing of this pendant is jet black leadlight glass with Opal & glass all cut & polished to a mirror perfection.

The bail is constructed from solid 9 ct. Yellow Gold as are the gold pins set into the sides of the Pendant.

Unique & Eye-Catching!

High Gem Quality Doublet Opal Pendant
Solid 9 ct. Yellow Gold
Opal: Top Quality Gem Crystal
Coober Pedy, South Australia
Red Multi-Colour
Brilliant !
Pendant Length With Bail:
Opal Doublet Size:
11.0mm high x 12.0mm wide x 4.5mm thick

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