Solid N1 Black Opal Pendant
from Lightning Ridge...P240

Black Opal Pendant

Price: SOLD!

A beautiful & bright genuine Solid N1 Black Opal Pendant, awash with green, green-blue & blue fire which play and dance at every angle and turn of the stone!

The top of this Black Opal has been drilled with a 1.0 mm hole through which the  two part gold bail system has been fitted.  The twin bail fitting is Australian Solid 9 carat Yellow Gold.

An attractive & bright Gem Black Opal Pendant perfect for day or evening wear!


Pendant Length:28.0 mm
Opal Length:17.0 mm
Opal Width:13.7 mm
Origin of Opal:Mulga Gulley field, Lightning Ridge
Opal Type:N1 Solid Black Opal
Opal Weight:4.0 carats
Brightness:Bright with full play of colour at every angle
Colour:Greens, green-blues & blues
Bail:Two part Australian Solid 9 carat Yellow gold

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