Solid Matrix Boulder Opal Pendant
From the Jundah Opal Fields In
Outback Australia....(PB350)

A Very Pretty Solid Matrix Boulder Opal Pendant.

Price: SOLD!

This piece was mined from the Jundah Opal Fields in Outback Queensland, Australia.

A very pretty pendant in it's sparkling display of very bright electric Gem Matrix Opal colours of emerald greens & sapphire blues.

Formed from part of a boulder opal "split", this individual looking finished pendant very closely resembles the contours and shape of the opal from the initial "split".

Drilled into & set within the top of the stone is a 925 Solid Sterling Silver bail which offsets nicely against the greens & blues.

Solid Boulder Opal & Silver Pendant
Opal Origin:
Jundah Opal Mining Fields, Queensland, Australia
Bail: 925 Solid Sterling Silver
Pendant Length:
25.0 mm
Opal Size:
17.7mm x 12.7mm x 3.2mm deep
Opal Weight:
6.7 carats
Opal Shape: Freeform Heart Cabochon
Colour: Electric EDmerald Greens & Sapphire Blues
Brightness: Very Bright!

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