Solid Gem Dark Crystal Opal Pendant - P239

A beautiful Solid Gem Dark Crystal Opal Pendant from the Mulga Mining fields of Lightning Ridge.....

P239 - Price SOLD!

A beautiful pendant created from a single piece of Lightning Ridge Gem Dark Crystal Solid Opal.

A lovely & bright Opal Gemstone from the Mulga Gully mining area, a mining field known for it's beautiful Black Opal, semi-black and Crystal Opal.

Another very positive feature of this type of opal is it's higher strength, durability and soundness of structure.

This beautiful piece has both sides of the gem cut & polished to perfection playing bright green-blues & blues, with skin to skin colour, a clean and flawless Opal Gemstone.

The bail is Australian solid 9 carat yellow gold which consists of two parts. The bottom part being of a lovely balanced "scallop" type, complimenting beautifully the Gem opal beneath it.


Pendant Shape:  Freeform
Total Pendant Length with bails:  29.5 mm
Opal Height:  18.6 mm
Opal Width:   14.3 mm
Opal Thickness:  3.3 mm
Opal Weight:  5.4 carats
Opal Type:  Solid Bright Gem Dark Crystal
Opals Origin:  Mulga Gully field, Lightning Ridge
Bail:  Two part Australian Solid 9 carat yellow Gold.

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