Solid Boulder Opal Pendant
with Koroit Gem Matrix - PB242

Solid Koroit Gem Opal Pendant

Price: SOLD!

Finished with a mirror polish, this beautiful Solid Boulder Opal Pendant displays lovely patterns with bright fiery rivilets of electric royal blues & greens.

The bail set into the top of the Pendant is Australian solid 9 carat yellow gold, complimenting perfectly the beautiful boulder tones of the Queensland Outback where this very nice koroit gem boulder opal was mined!


Category:   Solid Gem Matrix Koroit Boulder Opal Pendant
Setting:     Australian Solid 9 carat yellow gold bail
Pendant Length:  30.6 mm
Weight:     31.7 carats
Origin:      Koroit Opal Fields, Queensland, Australia
Opal Size: 24.7 mm x 19.8 mm x 8.0 mm
Shape:      Mid to High domes Teardrop cabochon
Colour:     Electric royal blues & bright greens in Gem Matrix format

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