Solid Gem Boulder Inlay Opal Pendant - PB187

Solid Gem Boulder Opal Pendant

Price: SOLD!

This lovely Boulder Opal Pendant has been constructed using a Solid Gem Opal, running practically the full length of the boulderstone.

The colors of this Gem Opal are a green-blue with a lovely touch of lemon yellows.

Into the other side of this Solid piece, I have inlayed a bright piece of Gem Crystal Opal from Lightning Ridge.

This inlaid Gem flashes with fiery colors of green-gold, hints of orange and a lovely green-blue.

The Boulder Stone itself is a beautiful rich brown with complimentary accents of yellow ochre.

The sturdy and solid gold bail is made using Australian 9 ct.yellow gold with the gold chenier collar being the same.

An attractive, unique and very individual Gem Boulder Opal Pendant !!


Total Length: 24.7mm - 31/32"

Length: 17.0mm - 11/16"

Width: 14.2mm - 9/16"

Depth: 4.4mm - 3/16"

Bail & Chenier collar: Australian 9ct. yellow gold

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