Solid Gem Boulder Opal Pendant - PB230

Solid Gem Boulder Opal Pendant

Price:    SOLD!

A beautiful Gem Boulder Opal Pendant.  This is a lovely example of a perfect Boulder Opal "split", that is when the boulder is split open to reveal the Gem quality opal held within the structure of the Boulderstone.

The colours of the Gem face revealed here play bright electric blue-greens, greens & blues.

An oval shaped hole has been drilled and carved at the top of the stone through from side to side allowing an attractive high quality Solid Sterling Silver chain - which is included with this lovely Gem Boulder Opal Pendant.


Category:  Pendant(incl.Silver Chain & Presentation Box)
Opal Type:  Gem Boulder Opal Solid
Opal Weight:  8.55 carats
Pendant Length:  19.0 mm
Pendant Width:  16.3 mm
Opal Depth:  4.4 mm (at thickest point)
Color Play:  Electric blues-greens,greens & blues
Brightness:  Bright
Chain:  High Quality Solid Sterling Silver with Parrot Clasp. Hallmarked 925
Chain Length:  41 cm (16" inches)

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