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from the 27th March, 2018.
Therefore we offer a 30% Discount on any products that are still on our website.
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(Please Note: We still will be selling opal solids/doublets in the future through eBay


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Opals-On-Black Home Page

Opal Jewelry:

Opal Jewelry Archives*
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- Opals & Ocean Jewelry Collection

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Opal Beads:

Australian Opal Beads
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Gem Opal Beads
- GB021-Sold
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Opal Gemstones:

Black Opals For Sale
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Opal Doublets *
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White Opals For Sale

Australian Opal Rubs & Rough
Boulder Opal Rough
- RB040 Gem Matrix Butterfly Boulder
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Opal Information:

History of Opal
Australian Opal Mining
- Boulder Opal Mining
- Opal Mining Town of White Cliffs
- Opal Mining Town of Andamooka

Opal Questions
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Opal Types
Opal Workshop
- Opal Flame Workshop (Proj.1)
- Opal Intarsia Workshop (Proj.2)

Opal General:

About Us-Our Story
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Miscellaneous pages:

Opal Blog

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Your Opal Corner:

Your Opal Story*
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Your Opal Jewelry Designs
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Opal Earrings & Opal Rings:

E154 - Opal Earrings
E191 - Gem Opal Earrings
E197 - Cooberpedy Opal Earrings
E211 - Opal Stud Earrings
E212 - Australian Gem Opal Earrings
E213 - Gem Black Crystal Opal Earrings

E214 - Lightning Ridge Gem Opal Earrings
EB216 - KoroitBoulderOpalEarrings-EB216
E218 - Lightning Ridge Gem Opal Earrings

E219 - Gem Opal Doublet Earrings
EB217 - Jundah Boulder Matrix Earrings
E218 - Gem Opal Earrings
E219 - Gem Opal Doublet Earrings
E220 - Australian Two Tier Opal Earrings
E221 - Two Tier Gem Doublet Opal Earrings
EB222 - Koroit Boulder Opal Earrings
E223 - Gem Crystal Opal Earring Studs
EB224 - Koroit Boulder Opal Earrings
E225 - Lightning Ridge Opal Earrings
E226 - Australian Gem Opal Earrings

RG101 - Solid Black Opal Ring
RG102 - Gem Doublet Opal Ring

RG103 - Solid-Crystal-Opal-Ring-RG103
RG104 - Solid-Crystal-Opal-Ring-RG104
RG105 - Gem-Crystal-Opal-Ring-RG105
RG106 - Gem-Crystal-Opal-Ring-RG106
RG107 - Solid Crystal Opal Ring
RG108 - Gem Crystal Opal Ring
RG109 - Gem Crystal Opal Inlay Ring
RG110 - Gem Black Solid Opal Ring
RG111 - Celtic Gem Crystal Opal Ring
RG112 - Solid Crystal Opal Ring
RG113 - Solid Crystal Opal Ring
RG114 - Crystal Opal Silver Ring

Opal Pendants:

P147 - Semi-Black Lightning Ridge Opal Pendant
P159 - Opal Pendant Teardrop
P164 - "Heart" Opal Pendant
P170 - Cooberpedy Gem Semi-Crystal Opal Pendant
P173 - Lightning Ridge Gem Crystal Opal Pendant
P175 - Gem Crystal Inlay Opal Pendant
P176 - Lightning Ridge Gem Crystal
P178 - Bright Fiery Gem Crystal Opal Pendant
P185 - Flag Harlequin Opal Pendant
P181 - Multicolor Gem Crystal Opal Pendant
P185 - Flag Harlequin Opal Pendant
P186 - Cooberpedy Gem Crystal Shell Opal Pendant
P188 - Opal Pearl Drop Pendant
P189 - Gem Crystal Opal Shell Pendant
P190 - Australian Opal Pendant of Crimson Fire
P194 - Two-Tier Gem Crystal Opal Pendant
P193 - Crystal Gem Opal Pendant
P195 - Gem Crytal Opal Pendant
P196 - Cooberpedy Crystal Opal Pendant
P198 - Gem Intarsia Opal Pendant
P199 - Cooberpedy Opal Pendant
P200 - Gem Crystal Opal Pendant
P201 - Freeform Opal Pendant
P202 - Red Gem Opal Pendant
P203 - Gem Crystal Opal Pendant
P205 - Lightning Ridge Opal Pendant
P207 - Black Opal Pendant
P208 - Cooberpedy Gem Opal Pendant
P209 - Semi-Black Opal Pendant
P214 - Black Crystal Opal Enhancer Pendant
P217 - Solid Black Gem Opal Pendant
P218 - Semi-Black Opal Pendant
P219 - Solid Gem Crystal Opal Pendant
P221 - Carved Solid Gem Opal Pendant
P220 - Gem Crystal & Boulder Opal Pendant
P222 - Semi-Black Crystal & Gold Opal Pendant
P224 - Semi-Black Opal Pendant
P226 - Black Crystal Opal Pendant
P227 - Amethyst & Opal Pendant
P228 - Lightning Ridge Solid Black Opal Pendant
P229 - Solid Gem Boulder Opal Pendant
P231 - Black Opal Gem Intarsia Pendant
P233 - Two Tier Lightning Ridge Gem Opal Pendant
P235 - Harlequin Reversible Gem Opal Pendant
P238 - Gem Opal Heart Pendant
P239 - Solid Gem Dark Crystal Opal Pendant
P240 - Genuine N1 Solid Black Opal Pendant
P241 - Lightning Ridge Gem Opal Pendant
P243 - Black Opal Heart Pendant
P244 - Gem Opal Heart Pendant
P246 - Gem Crystal Opal Pendant
P247 - Black Crystal Opal Pendant
P248 - Gem Crystal Opal Pendant
P249 - Black Crystal Opal Pendant
P250 - Gem Doublet Opal Pendant
P253 - Gem Boulder Opal Heart Pendant
P254 - Carved Opal Heart Pendant
P255 - Black Crystal Opal Doublet Pendant
P256 - Solid Semi-Black Opal Pendant
P257 - Gem Shell Crystal Opal Pendant
P275 - Opal Gem & Gold Pendant
P277 - Cooberpedy Doublet Pendant
P278 - Gem Crystal Opal Doublet Pendant
P279 - Gem Crystal Opal Doublet Pendant
P280 - Gem Crystal Opal Doublet Pendant
P281 - Gem Crystal Opal Doublet Pendant
P282 - Gem Crystal Opal Pendant
P285 - Crystal Opal & Gold Pendant
P288 - Two Tier Gem Crystal Doublet Pendant
P289 - Two Tier Crystal Doublet Pendant
P292 - Gem Crystal Opal Pendant
P293 - Gem Crystal Opal Doublet Pendant
P294 - Gem Crystal Opal Doublet Pendant
P295 - Solid Gem Opal Pendant
P300 - Semi Black Solid Opal Pendant
P301 - Gem Doublet Opal Pendant
P302 - Gem-Doublet-Opal-Pendant-P302
P303 - Gem-Opal-Inlay-Pendant-P303
P304 - Solid_Gem_Crystal_Opal_Pendant-P304
PS305 - Gem_Crystal_Opal_Seashell_Pendant-PS305

P306 - Intarsia Inlay Opal Pendant
PS307-Opal & Seashell Pendant
P310 - Gem Crystal Opal Doublet Pendant
P311 - Solid Crystal Opal Pendant
PS312 - Opal & Seashell Pendant
P313 - Opal Heart Doublet Pendant
PS314 - Gem Opal Shell Pendant
PS315 - Crystal Opal Seashell Pendant
P316 - Opalized Gem Shell Pendant
P318 - Dazzling Australian Opal Pendant
P319 - Solid Gem Crystal Opal Pendant
P320 - Heart Opal Gold Pendant
P321 - Fossilised Gem Shell Opal Pendant
P322 - Gothic Heart Opal Pendant
P325 - Crystal Opal Silver Pendant
P326 - Black Crystal Opal Pendant
P327 - Dark Opal Silver Pendant
PS328 - Crystal Opal Seashell Pendant
PS329 - Artistry With Opal Pendant
PS330 - Gem Opal Seashell Pendant
PS331 - Opal Seashell Intarsia Pendant
PW333 - Solid Opal Nugget Pendant
PS334 - Gem Crystal Opal Seashell Pendant
P335 - Lightning Ridge Gem Opal Pendant
P336 - Australian Gem Opal Pendant
PS337 - Gem Crystal Opal Seashell Pendant
PS338 - Cooberpedy Gem Opal Seashell Pendant
P339 - Two Tier Gem Opal Pendant
P340 - Solitare Gem Opal Pendant
P347 - Lightning Ridge By Firelight!
P352 - Gold Nugget Opal Inlay Pendant
P353 - Crystal Opal Silver Pendant
P354 - Black Opal Doublet Silver Pendant
P355 - Crystal Opal Heart Pendant
P357 - Australian Opal Intarsia Pendant
P358 - Australian Opal Silver Pendant
P359 - Natural Australian Opal Pendant
P360 - Australian Gem Opal Pendant
P361 - Lightning Ridge Opal Pendant
P362 - Australian Crystal Opal Pendant
P363 - Australian Gem Opal Pendant
P364 - Lightning Ridge Crystal Opal
P365 - Australian Crystal Opal Pendant
P366 - Australian Crystal Opal Pendant
P368 - Lightning Ridge Opal Pendant
P369 - Gem Shell Crystal Opal Pendant
PS370 - Gem Opal Intarsia Pendant
PS371 - Australian Opal Seashell Pendant
P373 - Crystal Opal Heart Pendant
P374 - Carved Heart Opal Pendant
P375 - Opal Inlay Gold Silver Pendant
P376 - Butterfly Gem Opal Pendant

Boulder Opal Pendants:

PB165 - Koroit Boulder Opal Pendant
PB168 - Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Inlay Pendant
PB187 - Solid Gem Boulder Inlay Opal Pendant
PB192 - Koroit Boulder Inlay Opal Pendant
PB197 - Koroit Boulder Inlay Opal Pendant
PB204 - Gem Boulder Opal Pendant
PB206 - Gem Boulder Inlay Pendant
PB210 - Boulder Opal Inlay Pendant
PB215 - Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Inlay Pendant
PB216 - Yowah Nut Boulder Opal Pendant
PB223 - Koroit Matrix Boulder Opal Pendant
PB225 - Koroit Picture Boulder Opal Pendant
PB230 - Solid Gem Boulder Opal Pendant
PB234 - Solid Gem Boulder Opal Pendant

PB236 - Brilliant Gem Boulder Opal "Heart" Pendant
PB242 - Solid Boulder Opal Pendant
PB251 - Boulder Opal Heart Pendant
PB252 - Gem Boulder Opal Pendant
PB259 - Quilpie Boulder Opal Solid
PB232 - Koroit Gem Matrix Opal Pendant
PB258 - Quilpie Boulder Opal Pendant
PB290 - Koroit Gem Boulder Opal Pendant
PB308 - Koroit Boulder Opal Pendant
PB309 - Gem Black Matrix Boulder Pendant
PB341 - Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Pendant
PB342 - Gem Matrix Koroit Opal Pendant
PB343 - Gem Matrix Opal Pendant
PB344 - Koroit Gem Matrix Opal Pendant (Rune)
PB345 - Solid Gem Boulder Crystal Opal Pendant

PB346 - Inlay Gem Boulder Opal Pendant
PB348 - Gem Black Matrix Boulder Opal Pendant
PB350 - Solid Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Pendant
PB356 - Opal Butterfly Boulder Pendant
PB372 - Jundah Heart Aust.Bldr.Opal Pendant



Categories & Pages: ( including Black Opal Solids)

Solid Opals 5 x 3mm Category
Solid Opals 6 x 4mm Category

Solid Opals 7 x 5mm Category

- S027 - Gem Crystal Solid Opal 7 x 5mm
- S028 - Solid Black Opal 7 x 5mm

Solid Opals 8 x 6mm Category
Solid Opals 9 x 7mm Category
Solid Opals 10 x 8mm Category

Solid Opals 11 x 9mm Category

S022 - Solid Crystal Opal 11 x 9mm
S025 - Cooberpedy Solid Opal 11 x 9mm

S020 - Black Opal Crystal Gem - Oval
S021 - Lightning Ridge Crystal Opal - Oval

Solid Opals Freeform

S019 - Semi-Black Opal Gemstone Freeform
S032 - Solid Crystal Opal

Black Opal Solids

SBK038 - Black Opal Solid
SBK086 - Solid Black Opal
SBK097 - Dark Crystal Opal
SBK098 - Black Opal Solid
SBK099 - Semi-Black Opal Solid
SBK100 - Semi-Black Crystal Opal
SBK101 - Black Crystal Opal
SBK102 - Semi-Black Opal Solid
SBK104 - Solid Black Crystal Opal
SBK105 - Solid Semi-Black Opal
SBK120 - Black Opal Solid
SBK176 - Solid Black Opal
SBK178 - Lightning Ridge Black Opal
SBK181 - Lightning Ridge Black Opal
SBK218 - Lightning Ridge Solid Black Opal
SBK235  - Solid Black Crystal Opal
SBK252 - Solid Semi-Black Opal
SBK253 - Lightning Ridge Semi-Black Opal

SBK254 - Black Opal Solid
SBK257 - L/Ridge Solid S/Black Crystal Opal
SBK266 - Lightning Ridge Black Opal
SBK268 - Australian Black Opal

Crystal Opal Solids

SC216 - Cooberpedy Gem Crystal Solid Opal

S017 - Gem Opal Shell Crystal Freeform
S023 - Harlequin Solid Opal Gem Crystal Teardrop

White Opals For Sale


5 x 3mm Category
6 x 4mm Category

D024 - Gem Doublet Oval Doublet
D025 Doublet Opal Gem Crystal
D047 Gem Crystal Black Doublet Opal

7 x 5mm Category

D033 - Lightning Ridge Opal Doublet
D051 - Gem Crystal Doublet
D055 - Semi-Black Opal Doublet

8 x 6mm Category

D039 - Lightning Ridge Black Doublet Opal
D040 - Lightning Ridge Opal Doublet

9 x 7mm Category
10 x 8mm Category
11 x 9 mm Category

Other Sizes

D044 - Freeform Crystal Gem
D058 - Opal Doublet Gem
D060 - Picture Opal Doublet
D061 - Opal Neon Doublet
D104 - Emerald Fire Opal Doublet
D113 - Cooberpedy Multicolour Opal Doublet

Opal Outback Stories & Links:

Opal Outback Stories : -
- Opal Thieves In Yowah
- My Aussie Journey to the Opal Diggings
- Cooberpedy Postman ("Postie")

Lightning Ridge Opal Outback Places of Interest

Lightning Ridge Opal OutbackMemories

Lightning Ridge Travel Tips

Cooberpedy Opal Outback Places of

Cooberpedy Opal Outback Memories

Cooberpedy Travel Tips

Queensland Boulder Opal Mining Towns

Your Opal Jewelry Designs URL Pages:

Your Opal Jewelry Designs

- The Opal & The Ladybird!
- Gold Floral Necklace
- Midnight Opal & Pearl Necklace From Different Seasons Jewelry
- Autumnal Fantasia by Wrapture Gems Jewellery.

Your Opal Questions URL Pages:

- What Is A Black Opal?
- Is Solid Opal Better Than A Doublet In Jewelry?
- What Is An Opal Doublet?
- Does Opal Have A Standard Like Diamonds?
- What Is Semi Black Opal?
Caring For An Opal
- Can Opal Absorb Water ?
- How Thin Can A Doublet Be Made ?

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