Semi-Black Opal Pendant
The "Heart" - P224

Lightning Ridge Opal Heart Pendant

Price: SOLD!

A beautiful Semi-Black Opal Pendant in the shape of a "heart", carved from a single piece of colourful Lightning Ridge Gem Semi-black solid  opal.

The bottom of the opal is green in colour with a touch of blue and above that  the Gemstone plays lovely pinkish reds, light orange and touches of sky-blues.

The back of this lovely Gemstone has been cut & polished,  showing the natural dark base toned background and a few minor natural inclusions - quite common for Lightning Ridge Black and Semi-Black Solid opal.

On top of this beautiful heart pendant sits a solid 9 carat yellow gold bail inset with 3 diamonds with the stem of the bail being set to a depth of 7.0 mm into the opal.

The face of this opal gem is unblemished with a mirror finish polish.


Overall Pendant Length: 24.5 mm
Opal Length: 18.0 mm
Opal Width: 16.6 mm
Opal Thickness:  4.0 mm
Opal Weight:  6.5 carats
Type: Lightning Ridge Solid Semi-Black Opal
Bail: Australian 9 carat yellow gold set with 3 white diamonds.

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