Red Gem Opal Pendant - P202
"Red 'N Black Tie Opal" !

Price:   SOLD!

The "Red "N Black Tie Opal" is a little bit tongue-in-cheek so to speak, denoting a sense of evening formal wear -  but that is the title description I have chosen for this stunning  Red Gem Opal pendant creation - however, this Opal Pendant would look perfect being worn anytime, night or day !

This stunning  Opal Pendant has been created using a beautiful piece of Cooberpedy Crystal Gem opal and although the primary color is a striking red with crimson, smaller electric flashes of blue and green can be seen here also.

An intarsia influence is evident here with the perfectly fitting sweeping band of jet black leadlight glass (MOHS Hardness 6.5 to 6) giving the effect of a "black tie or sash against a red gown".

This very striking and  very unique Gem Opal Pendant, has been sculptured and polished to a perfect mirror finish.

Totally Elegant !


Overall Pendant Length,incl.bail:- 19.7mm - (13/16" inch)
Pendant Length - excl. bail:- 12.8mm - (17/32" inch)
Pendant Width:- 10.4mm - (7/16" inch)
Pendant Depth:-  4.8mm - (3/16" inch)
Opal Type:- Coober Pedy Red Gem Crystal
Pendant Body:- Jet Black Leadlight Glass with MOHS  hardness of 6.5 to 6
Opal Brightness:- Bright Opal Body tone:- Translucent
Bail:- Australian 9ct. yellow Solid Gold

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