Pendant Opal Bead - GB021
Lightning Ridge Semi-Black Gem Opal

Gem Pendant Opal Bead

Price: SOLD

This is a beautiful and striking pendant opal bead, created with high Gem quality Lightning Ridge Semi-Black Opal Crystal, joined to a specially constructed body of Queensland Boulder Opal.

This Opal Bead would make a grand centrepiece for that very special necklace design!

Colours playing here are oranges,, gold-greens, and greens.
The Gem Opal is semi-translucent, giving the opal piece a captivating 3D effect.


Length: 15.9 mm

Width: 11.1 mm Thickness of Bead:  5.4 mm

Thickness of Opal:  2.3 mm

Type of Opal: High Quality Lightning Ridge Semi-Black Crystal Bead

Backing: Queensland Boulder Opal

Brightness: Very Bright Clarity: Semi-Translucent

Colors: Oranges, golds with golds-greens, greens

Hole: 1.0mm diameter through from top to bottom

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