Due to our well-earned retirement (!), we will be closing down our website 
from the 27th March, 2018.
Therefore we offer a 30% Discount on any products that are still on our website.
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(Please Note: We still will be selling opal solids/doublets in the future through eBay


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Solid Black Opal from Lightning Ridge!

It has been a busy February for us, with lovely new Opal Pendants now out on our website!

We have produced some very individual & unique opal pendants in "Silver Settings" for you to enjoy.

Click Each Photo For Website Page

1) The Gem Opal Seashell Pendant is a very different & unique opal pendant showcasing a fossilised mussel seashell with naturally occurring fine ochre lines that can be clearly seen, which are a result of the shifting of the teutonic plates millions of years ago.

An opal pendant that is definitely part of the ancient oceanic history of Australia!

2) For those of you who like the appeal of "something different" in
their jewelry - the Gothic Heart Opal Pendant will suit your tastes as well as appeal to the romantic in you!

3) A striking 14.7 Carats Lightning Ridge Black Crystal Opal Pendant!

4) A beautiful solid Crystal Opal Pendant.

5) The Opal in this delightful Pendant is a very bright high quality Solid Gem Crystal Opal from Cooberpedy set into a modern contemporary solid gold setting.

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