Due to our well-earned retirement (!), we will be closing down our website 
from the 27th March, 2018.
Therefore we offer a 30% Discount on any products that are still on our website.
Please Contact us with the Item No. & we will email you with the new Discounted price (plus postage/insurance). First come, first Served !!
(Please Note: We still will be selling opal solids/doublets in the future through eBay


Opals-On-Black .... Our Story
(or... A Little Bit About Us!)

Welcome .... my name is Peter, and my Partner on this beautiful Opal journey is Belle (Barb) and we live in the beautiful Maleny Hinterland in Queensland, Australia.

Together we make up the team of Opals-On-Black !

Opal laid its magic on me at a very early age with a schoolfriend giving me a tiny piece of "Maleny opal", this vision of living color left me wholly mesmerised by its beauty!

After that, Opal became a passion in my life !

Fortunately for me, my father taught me the basics of opal cutting and polishing in my teenage years and over time I became more fully involved with the fascinating world of opal and all that it entailed.

It was to be an expensive and rocky road to developing my own individual opal skills and learning the many and varied aspects of opal!

However, it was from wanting to create a different type of opal jewellery other than that encased in gold or silver etc., that eventually led me into working with different mediums which would highlight more of the natural colour play and vibrancy of the opal itself.

Opal for me is a living vibrant Gemstone that "speaks" to me when I am working with it. Sometimes showing me exactly how it wants to display itself. How it wants to present itself to the world....!

Creating and producing our jewelry  & opal products can be an intense and lengthy process, but it is a fulfilling one!

There is enormous pleasure in finishing an item and launching it "out into the world"!

"Opals On Black" was created from this desire and my passion for opal.

Our aim always is to create & produce top quality opal products that show our Australian Opal in it's best light !

As a "family" business, we personally source our own opal, create & handcraft with inspiration our Specialist  & Unique Designs, which all reflect the fine quality of workmanship & genuine prices that we offer.

Belle does all the website designing, the computer work, photography, administration and putting together all the extras that are needed for the presentation of our "Opals On Black" products to the world.

She is also an artist working with oils, pastels, acrylic & mosaics. And of course... photography!

Arctic Owl - Oil painting by Barbara Crane

We would like to share with you some photos of parts of
Our Australia

that we have enjoyed along the way.....!

The Story of Our Website ....

Opals are our passion, and when we first started our journey with Opals On Black, we had no idea that we would one day build our own website and website business.

We had been developing and building our Opal business over a period of time, and we started to market it by going out and introducing ourselves to different jewellery retailers and people in different areas.

However, this was a localised thing and, although successful, we started to have dreams of presenting our Opals-On-Black products out onto the world market!

Eventually we decided that we would just have to "take control of our destiny" and try this computer and internet thing....! It seemed the only way to go if we wanted to build a global website business.

This is how we did it....Building A Website Business

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