Opals & Ocean Jewelry Collection

The story of Australian Opal began millions of years ago when parts of Australia were covered by a vast inland sea.

Over a long period of time as the sea evaporated forming a "desert sea", silica stone transformed itself into what we know as Opal.

Introducing Our Opals & Ocean
Jewelry Collection !

Australian Beach

We have now taken our Australian Opal & joined it once again with the Bounty of the Sea washed up onto our sandy shores, marrying the essence of opal & seashell into a very creative & unique Opal Jewelry range that is purely "Oceanic Australia" at it's heart! 

Opalised Seashell

(*Please Note: All seashells are sourced through our own "beachcombing" for shells washed up onto our Australian beaches with no harm to any sealife!")

Opal & Seashell Pendant

"Thank you so much.
I received the pendants and love them both. I have received many compliments already :-)"
(S.M, Brentwood, CA, USA)

Gem Crystal Opal Seashell Pendant

All photographs of our Opal Jewelry are taken from different angles to show as much of the different opal color play as possible.
Also, our photographs are taken in natural light (unless otherwise stated), to give the closest opal comparison.

We will state any opal color differences with each individual Pendant.

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Stunning Opal & Seashell Pendant

PS331 -  Uniquely different & very eye-catching Opal Seashell & Intarsia Pendant

Price: $265.00

PS371 - A beautiful & striking "Opal & Ocean" creation!

Price: SOLD!

PS370 - A stunning & unique Gem Shell Opal  Intarsia Pendant.

Price: SOLD!

A stunning Gem Opal & Seashell Pendant with Cooberpedy Shell Crystal.....

PS334 - Beautiful Gem Crystal & Opal Seashell Pendant

Price: SOLD!

"Hello Peter and Belle, I was just emailing you to say that my opal arrived safely this afternoon. Thank you very much for the gem, it is truly a work of art!
A.P.S  (MO, U.S)"

All Of Our Prices Are In Australian Dollars

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