Opal & Seashell Pendant
With Cooberpedy Shell Crystal Opal! (PS312)

A very pretty Opal Seashell Pendant with Cooberpedy Shell Crystal Opal.....

Opal & Seashell Pendant!

A very pretty & unique creation, this Opal & Seashell Pendant combines a beautiful Shell Crystal Gem Opal Doublet inset into the front of a black & white "pippy" seashell.

This front section of the shell was beachcombed "as is", with gentle cutting & polishing & set with the opal.

The opal itself is a bright colourful piece of Gem quality CooberPedy Shell Crystal Opal which has been permanently set against a jet black leadlight glass background, into the back of the "pippy" shell  & plays beautiful greens with some green-oranges & blues.

The pendant has been topped off with a solid 925 Sterling Silver bail & comes with its own presentation box & a complimentary 18ct. gold plated presentation chain.

Opal & Shell Pendant
Solid 925 Sterling Silver
High Quality Gem Opal Doublet
Cooberpedy, South Australia
Greens, Green-oranges, Blues
Very Bright
Pendant Length:
Opal & Shell Size
16.3mm long x 11.5mm wide

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