Opal Seashell Intarsia Pendant

A uniquely different Opal Seashell Intarsia Pendant,eye-catching with silver & boulder opal!

Opal Seashell Intarsia Pendant
Uniquely Different & Eye-Catching!

Price: Aud. $265.00

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This is a "one-off" uniquely different & very eye-catching Opal Seashell & Intarsia Pendant, trimmed & finished with 925 Sterling Silver.

The intarsia work consists of beautiful Gem Opal with the section at the bottom sourced from a colourful limpet shell beachcombed from our own Australian beaches!

Separating the opal sections & the Seashell are two pieces of handworked strips of 925 Sterling Silver, all permanently bonded to a Pendant backing of Queensland Boulder Opal.

Set into the top of the pendant is a bail of matching Hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver.

A unique Pendant of Australian
Opal & Sea Artistry!

Opal Type:
Opal & Seashell Pendant
Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Gem Crystal Opal
CooberPedy, South Australia
Very Bright!
Overall Pendant Length:
32.5 mm
Intarsia Pendant Dimensions:
24.0mm x 13.7mm (at bottom) x 7.0mm thick

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