Opal Intarsia Workshop

Making An Opal Inlay & Intarsia Pendant

This beautiful piece has yet to be trimmed to it's final shape and constructed into a Pendant.

The finished article should prove to be quite stunning and as you can see from the photo, totally ablaze with color !

And here is the photograph of the finished Intarsia & Inlay Gem Opal Pendant!!

This piece was quite involved in it's making and construction and I will say that all the fitting and joining was done by "hand & eye" alone - no angle cutting machinery was used here !

All the fusing of opal to opal and opal to glass, was with my very special compound. (Read more about this special compound on Your Opal Questions).

My final summing up on this beautiful Intarsia & Inlay Gem Opal Pendant ?

I am thrilled to bits on the finished outcome -  it would be a stunning and wonderful heirloom piece, or alternatively a very unique Opal Investment.

The bail for this beautiful piece is a lovely and very solid 14ct.yellow gold item, which completes the presentation of this magical opal pendant perfectly!.

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