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Opal Inlay Gold & Silver Pendant (P375)

Opal Inlay Gold & Silver Pendant

Genuine Australian Opal Inlay Gold & Silver Pendant!

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Price: Aud. SOLD !
Breathtaking & stunningly beautiful are the words that come to mind when gazing upon this brilliantly coloured Opal Inlay Gold & Silver Pendant!

Sitting upon a dias of living emerald green opal fire, this window of brilliant cobalt colours beckons the imagination to venture into worlds yet unknown & unseen!

For the handcrafting of this very indiividual piece, an incredibly neon-vivid piece of Lightning Ridge Star quality Crystal Opal was selected, playing intense cobalt colours of metallic royal blues, emerald greens, green-golds, lemon-golds, oranges & some deeper orange.

This opal was then carefully & meticulously inlaid into a beautiful piece of Queensland Gem Boulder Opal, which in itself plays vivid emerald greens.

The setting itself is solid "Bright" Australian 925 Sterling Silver & fitted with a bail of Australian solid 9ct Yellow gold.

An Inspiration of Australian Opal Jewelry At It's Most Creative!

Solid Silver & Gold Opal Inlay Pendant
Opal Type:
Star Quality Gem Crystal Opal inlaid into Queensland Gem Boulder Opal
Opal Origin: Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia
Colour: Cobalt colours as described
Total Pendant Length:
With Bail:  26.0 mm
Diameter of Setting: 18.0mm Round Diameter
Brightness: Neon Brilliant
Setting: Australian "Bright" Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Bail: Australian Solid 9ct. Yellow Gold

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