Australian Opal Beads

Necklace ,Gem, Black , Boulder, Solid, Inlay & Carved Opal Beads

NKB46 Lightning Ridge Multicolor Opal Necklace Bead BNK047 Lightning Ridge Gem black Opal Necklace Bead BNK048 Lightning Ridge Gem Crystal Opal Necklace Bead

Opal Beads With a Difference !

Opals-On-Black presents a diverse range of unique Beads, individually created, using only genuine natural Australian Opal.

Our unique beads are ideal for the Bead Enthusiast, Artisan & Professional Jeweller alike, who seek quality, style & beauty in their choice of beads.

Gem Opal Bead GB013

Here you will find the ideal bead or bead combinations

to enhance your individual jewelry designs to create your own stunning pendant solitaires, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, body jewelry and jewelry sets etc..

Choose from our beautiful selection of feature Pendant Beads using Gem, Black, Boulder & Solid opal as well as our range of Inlay & Carved Beads.

And ....

Our exquisite Necklace & Circle Beads may be strung as a single featured centrepiece, or arranged in a breathtaking & dazzling strand combination of brilliant opal fire & color.

We personally source all our quality Gem Opal direct from the Australian Opal Fields, to then individually handcraft our specialised "Opals-On-Black" beads, giving meticulous attention to detail and quality bringing you beautifully finished beads - with a difference!

These are opal beads for every occasion, adding that special flash of opal color, style and visual fire to your own jewelry creations. Gem Opal Bead GB017

Each Gem Opal piece used in our beads is individually chosen for it's quality, stability and for the absence of any cracks or flaws, thus guaranteeing a product of high quality and integrity.

Our beads easily complement other mediums such as yellow, white & rose gold, sterling silver, copper and nickel.

** We offer a Free Customer Service of enlarging the bead hole diameter to suit the customer's individual requirements.

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Gem Opal Bead GB019

The joining of the bead to it's chosen backing material is achieved by a unique blending of five different industrial strength compounds, combining together to create an incredibly strong, extremely durable and cohesive bonding - second to none!

With over 35 years of opal cutting and expertise, the cut and polish of our Beads, front and back, is benchmarked to the highest quality, to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

Boulder Opal Bead BB015

We hope you enjoy our selection of unique Opal Beads....

We are introducing many more new beads every week and adding continually to our opal bead range !

So don't forget to check in often to stay updated with our new Bead arrivals!

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Our Satisfaction Guarantee...

Blue-Green Opal Bead On Black

Each Bead is made with the utmost care to attention and detail in every step of the manufacturing process.

Therefore ....

We are happy to offer you a Satisfaction Guarantee Policy &
for your peace of mind we offer a full 30 day Refund Policy.

We use only Natural Australian Gem Opal.

All photographs of our opal products are taken from different angles to show as much of the different opal color play as possible.

Our photographs are taken in natural sunlight (unless otherwise stated) to give the closest opal comparison, but please note that there may be a colour variation of opal colour under artificial lighting, particularly fluorescent lighting.

Looking For A Special Opal For Your Jewelry Settings ?

Let one of our beautiful Calibrated Opal Doublets, & our Opal Solids  become the centerpiece of your creation!

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