Cooberpedy Opal Pendant
With Gem Crystal Shell-P186

Cooberpedy Gem Crystal Opal Pendant

Price: SOLD !

A beautiful pendant using a flawless solid piece of Cooberpedy Gem Crystal Shell Opal.

As you will see from the video below, the Gem Opal on this high-quality Gem Crystal opal doublet pendant is quite thick (2.3mm or just a little under 1/8" inch) and the colors play from the bottom of the opal to the surface of this Gem and everywhere inbetween - very 3D !!

The colors are clear and very bright indeed with beautiful reds, sky blues and really lovely green-aquas, playing and flashing profusely at every angle.

The back half of this gorgeous pendant is composed of jet black leadlight glass, cut and polished (as is the Gem Opal) to an absolute mirror finish.

The bail is our own design, constructed using 14ct.yellow gold and to compliment this bail, I then fashioned a chenier band as a finishing touch, again using 14ct.yellow gold.

A delightful Pendant !!


Length:- 11.2mm 7/16" (inch)(excluding bail)

Overall Length:- 19.5mm 25/32" (inch)

Width:- 8.6mm 11/32" (inch)

Bail & Chenier:- Solid Australian 14ct.yellow gold.

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