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Opal Doublet

Our Opal Doublets!

All of our Opal Doublets are professionally & precisely calibrated to a world-class standard.

Our calibrations are cut within a fine variation of 1/10 tenth of a millimetre, ensuring a neat fit directly into your precious and semi-precious jewelry settings - for a beautifully finished jewelry creation!


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5 x 3 mm Calibration

D110 - Price: $25.00
This is a stunning Lightning Ridge Black Doublet Opal beautifully calibrated & perfectly cut & polished, full of brilliant fire & colour. A gorgeous piece of Lightning Ridge Black Crystal Opal permanently bonded to a boulder opal backing for added strength & durability.

Size: 5.1mm x 3.1mm x 1.9mm thick
Shape:  Calibrated Oval Cabochon
Colour:  Emerald greens & Royal Blues
Pattern:  Rolling Flash   
Tone:    N3
Brightness:  Very Bright!

D094 - Price: $25.00
A very pretty Lightning Ridge Gem Crystal Doublet, full of beautiful reds with blues & greens.

Oval Calibrated: 5 x 3mm
Thickness of Doublet: 2.2mm
Brightness: Bright, Dome: Mid-dome.

D107 - Price:  $24.00
A gorgeous & neon bright Lightning Ridge Gem doublet that plays brilliant emerald greens & lemon green-yellows.
This gem is permanently bonded to a backing of jet black leadlight glass.

Size: 5.0mm x 3.0mm x 1.6mm thick
Shape:  Oval Calibrated
Colour:  Emerald greens, lemon green-yellows
Pattern:  Rolling Flash
Brightness:  Brilliant!

6 x 4 mm Calibration

D105 - Price:  $28.00
A very bright & vivid Lightning Ridge Gem Opal Doublet that plays a beautiful rolling flash colour of orange-green to deep emerald green.

Oval Calibrated: 6.0mm x 4.0mm x 2.4mm thick
Pattern: Rolling Flash
Bright: Very Bright

DBK116 - Price: $45.00
A very pretty mid to high dome  Black Doublet Opal, red multi-colour & cut & polished to perfection.
Handcrafted using genuine 100% natural Cooberpedy Gem quality opal with jet black leadlight glass for it's base.

Weight: 0.4 Carat
Size:  5.7mm x 4.0mm x 2.45mm thick
Colour: Red, Blue,Mauve & Green
Brightness:  Bright
Body Tone:  N4
Pattern:  Floral

7 x 5 mm Calibrated

D074 - Price:  SOLD!
A lovely & bright Lightning Ridge Gem Crystal Opal Doublet using a beautiful piece of Lightning Ridge Gem Crystal. This pretty Gem plays lovely orange-greens & clean emerald greens, all with a semi-translucent aspect about them!

Calibrated: 7 x 5mm x 2.5mm thick
Mid Domed.

D076 - Price:  SOLD!
A bright Lightning Ridge Gem Opal Doublet playing beautiful irridescent greens, green-blues.

Oval Calibrated: 7 x 5mm x 2mm thick
Low to Flat Dome.

8 x 6 mm Calibrated

DBK119 - Price:  SOLD!
A lovely mid domed Lightning Ridge Gem Black Doublet Opal, very bright, green multi-coloured, cut & polished to perfection.
With jet black leadlight glass for it's doublet base.

Weight:0.725 Carats
Shape: Calibrated Oval Cabochon.
Size: 7.8mm x 5.9mm x 2.3mm thick
Brightness: Very Bright
Body Tone:  N3
Pattern: Floral/Rolling Flash

DBK120 - Price:  $58.00
A lovely mid domed Lightning Ridge Gem Black Doublet Opal , neon bright, sapphire blues, cut & polished to perfection.
With jet black leadlight glass for it's doublet base.

Weight:0.9 Carats
Shape: Calibrated Oval Cabochon.
Size: 7.8mm x 5.9mm x 2.9mm thick
Brightness: Brilliant
Body Tone:  N2 - N3
Pattern: Pinfire Harlequin

9 x 7 mm Calibrated

D112 - Price:   SOLD!
A very pretty multi-colour CooberPedy multi-colour Opal Doublet that plays lovely orange-golds, golds, yellows, orange-greens & a few blues.
This pretty Gem Crystal has been permanently bonded to a boulder opal backing.

Size:              9mm x 7mm x 3mm thick
Shape:           Oval Calibrated
Pattern:          Rolling Flash
Brightness:    Very Bright!

10 x 8 mm Calibrated

11 x 9 mm Calibrated

Non-Calibrated Sizes

D111 - Price:  SOLD!
A brilliant 1.6 Carats Lightning Ridge Black Doublet Opal created from a vibrant & brilliant piece of  high quality Gem Crystal opal, permanently bonded to jet black leadlight glass.
Colours at play are neon emerald green, green-orange with hints of orange & blue.

Size:     9.0mm x 8.3mm x 2.6mm thick
Shape:   Freeform Cabochon
Weight:  1.6 Carats
Pattern:  Rolling Flash
Body Tone:  Opaque
Brightness:   Brilliant!

D113 - Price:  SOLD!
An awesome brilliant Cooberpedy Red & Gold Multicolour Opal Doublet star quality in nature that plays stunning reds, red-golds, golds & greens, golds & greens, all in a brilliant & vivid display of fire & colour!
Permanently backed & bonded to a boulder opal backing, this amazing Gem weighs 2.3 Carats.

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D125 - Price: $225.00
A beautiful & very bright high quality Cooberpedy Gem Doublet Opal,  backed to jet black leadlight glass.This beautiful Gem plays shades of violet, reds, oranges, golds, blues & greens.
Calibrated to an oval calibration of a 16 x 8mm oval to fit any same sized Ring or Pendant setting!

Opal Size:16.0mm x 7.5 mm x 2.7mm thick
Opal Weight:  2.7 Carats
Colour Tone: N6
Brightness:Very Bright!
Pattern  Broad Flash

D126 - Price: SOLD!

Brilliant Lightning Ridge Gem Opal Doublet!
A beautiful gem, stunning Lightning Ridge Gem Crystal Opal set against a Queensland Boulder Opal backing in an electric display of brilliant blues & green-blues.

Opal Type:   High Quality Gem Opal Doublet
Opal Origin:   Lightning Ridge, Australia
Shape:   Diamond shaped cabochon
Size:   13.0mm x 9.0mm x 2.7mm thick
Weight:   2.3 Carats
Colour:   Blues, Green-Blues
Brightness:   Brilliant
Colour Tone:   N2
Pattern:   Broad Flash

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