A beautiful and stunning Opal Pendant, full of flashing fire, colour & movement.

From a single and unusually shaped piece of beautiful Gem Crystal Opal sparkling with oranges, golds, greens & blues, an opal piece that reminded me very much of beautiful architectural stained glass windows - brought forward an idea on how best to utilise such an unusual shaped Gem.

Taking great care, I formed three sections out of the Gem, with the opal at the peak of the pendant revealing itself in the last "cut" to be like the" fiery sparks" that emit upwards from the top of a bonfire.

Contoured bands of jet black leadlight glass intersperse between the three sections of Gem Opal, giving the effect of framing and highlighting each individual section of Crystal fire.

The complete pendant body of jet black leadlight glass and opal combined, has been cut and polished to mirror perfection, finishing this into a highly unique and stunning item of jewelry !


Length :- 30.2 mm (excluding bail) ( 1 +3/16" inch)
Overall Length:- 38.8 mm (1+ 1/2" inch)
Width:- 14.3 mm ( 9/16" inch)
Depth:- 6.0 mm ( 1/4" inch)
Bail:- Australian Solid 14ct yellow gold (hallmarked)

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