Semi-Black Opal Pendant - P147

Llightning Ridge Semi black Opal Pendant


This opal gemstone is a genuine semi-black Gem Opal.

A very dark base semi-black opal pendant with opal mined six years ago from the Grawin Opal field, a little way out from Lightning Ridge.

This lovely and fine piece of solid, dark semi-black Gem Opal measures 1.6mm (approx.1/16") thick and weighs 3 carats.

Complimenting this beautiful pendant is a very solid and substantial Australian 9ct yellow gold bail of my own design.

The rich and dense green to green-blue colors, fire at every angle over the face of this beautiful Gem. The back half of this Gem Pendant is of cut and polished jet black leadlight glass.


Length:- 19.6mm(excluding bail) (3/4" inch)
Overall Length:- 25.8 mm (1.0" inch)
Width:- 11.0 mm (7/16" inch)
Depth:- 4.7 mm (3/16" inch)
Bail:- Australian solid 9ct. yellow gold

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