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Cooberpedy Breakaways
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What were your best memories of visiting the Opal Outback - the most interesting places that you visited ?

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Cooberpedy opal

Opal is a passion for us as well as a lot of other people and like anybody with a "passion", we find that we like to share those opal outback experiences with others; experiences of our travels to the opal mining towns, fossicking, noodling, going down a mine, places we've stayed, chatting to those interesting characters that we meet along the way....

It would be lovely to read your opal outback story of what experiences and encounters you have had in your "opal travels" !

Opal Factory,Cooberpedy

Our Opal Mining towns in the Australian Outback definitely are fascinating and unique places; Lightning Ridge, the South Australian Cooberpedy Opal Fields or the Queensland Boulder Opal towns of Quilpie,Yowah, Winton, Opalton or Koroit - each with their own distinct flavour and character and their own brand of opal magic!

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Opal Outback Time At Lightning Ridge :

What was the most interesting place that you visited and enjoyed in Lightning Ridge?

What are your best memories of your visit to the Lightning Ridge area ....

Do you have any Lightning Ridge travel tips ? Share them here with your fellow opal travellers....

Opal Outback Time at Cooberpedy & Surrounds :

What place did you enjoy most about your visit to Cooberpedy or it's surrounding areas of Andamooka or Mintabie?

Share your special memories of your Cooberpedy visit .....

Share some of your travel tips about your visit to the Cooberpedy area.

Quilpie, Yowah, Koroit & Winton Areas ( & any others!):

Have you experienced the magic of any of the Queensland Boulder opal towns ? Tell us about your visit, what you really enjoyed about them.

Do You Have A Different Opal Story ?

If your Opal Outback Story does not quite fit into any of the above links,click this link to tell us your different opal story!

Do You Have A Different Opal Outback Story To Tell ?

If you have an opal outback story which is different, humourous or even a "yarn" that you've heard from somebody else ... share it here.

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