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Gold Floral Necklace

Being "opal lovers" we are interested in the different ways that you have enjoyed creating jewelry with opal, either on it's own or in combination with other gemstones & materials, to bring out it's natural beauty and quality.

There are many talented jewelry artists and designers worldwide and it is always a pleasure to view and admire their work.

Showcase your particular opal jewelry creation and introduce yourself. Tell us about your background and how your particular opal jewelry design came about.

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Share your own individual jewelry creation here and let our visitors enjoy and admire your work...

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Opal Pendant by Wrapture Gem Jewelry

Fill in a "Title" that you feel best describes your Jewelry Design and in your own words and in your own way share the story of your creative journey.

You can upload up to four photographs of your opal jewelry creation.

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Showcase Your Opal Jewelry Design Here!

Showcase your opal jewelry design & creation and introduce yourself. Tell us about your background and how your particular opal design came about. .... let our visitors enjoy and admire your creation. Upload a photo.

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Autumnal Fantasia by Wrapture Gems Jewellery 
The inspiration for this design came from the opal itself and it's beautiful autumnal colours. Autumn is such a showy season so I wanted to create a setting …

Midnight Opal & Pearl Necklace from Different Seasons Jewelry 
"Midnight" seemed like the perfect title. This design features a huge black Andamooka Matrix gem opal with insane purple-blue fire and a small faceted …

Gold Floral Necklace 
This Gold Floral Necklace is made up of three pierced and hand engraved Argentium silver sections, 2-layers of 14k gold overlay on the flowers, a fiery …

Stunning Opal & Tourmaline Pendant! Not rated yet
The opal for this pendant is a high quality Cooberpedy Gem Crystal Solid Opal that we sold to the United States & has been made into this beautiful …

The Opal & The Ladybird ! Not rated yet
I had set up this opal pendant to be photographed, taking my time, finding the "right" angles ...the next thing "one of those magic moments of nature" …

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