Opal Butterfly Boulder Pendant
With Lightning Ridge Crystal Opal!

Brilliant Lightning Ridge Opal Butterfly On
Boulder Leaf Pendant!

Opal Butterfly & Boulder Pendant

Price: SOLD!

Capturing the Magic of Nature with this creation, this Opal Butterfly Boulder pendant represents a brilliant irridescent Butterfly that has come to rest
on a leaf litter lying on the ground of an Australian Rainforest!

The "Leaf" has been cut, carved & contoured from Queensland Boulder Opal, chosen for it's colouring & markings.
A little carving has been done on the surface of the boulder to give the impression of exposed "leaf veins" as the leaf starts to break down on the forest floor.

The exquisite 925 Solid Sterling Silver bail, which enhances the "Leaf" effect, is double pinned (front & back) & drill set into the
Boulder Opal for a solid setting.

The brilliant exotic colourings of the Butterfly was achieved by using beautiful Lightning Ridge top Gem Crystal Opal, sitting
on a base of jet black leadlight glass.

The Butterfly body was formed with 925 Sterling Silver with a connecting Sterling Silver pin drill set into the underneath of the Butterfly & into the boulder opal.

A very unique & enchanting Opals-On-Black
"Artistry With Opal" Pendant!

Opal & Silver Pendant
Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Opal Leaf: Queensland Boulder Opal
Opal Butterfly:
Lightning Ridge Gem Crystal Opal, black leadlight glass backing
 Emerald Greens with hints of jGold
Overall Pendant Size: (incl.bail)
34.5mm x 17.5mm wide x 5.0mm deep

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