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All the Links of Interest websites that are listed below have been reviewed by us for what we feel are good quality of website, interest, content & product.

We hope you enjoy these websites and learn more about the beautiful world of Opals, Gems & Beads!

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Opal Websites:

Village Smithy Opals
Suppliers of fine Australian opal rough, opal cabochons and custom made 14kt gold/opal jewelry.

Opals Down Under
Buy Australian opals and opal jewelry online direct from Australia. Black opals, boulder opal, white opal, and crystal opals.

Bead Websites:

Beading Forum
With our distinct Australian character we are sure you will enjoy our bead forum no matter what side of the globe you are from. We share our interests in all forms of beading and jewellery design at Beading Forum. - The Web's Most Exciting Online Beading Community.

Find Beads. An online beading portal and information resource for beads and jewellery making.

Gem Websites:

Artistic and precision cut gems by John Dyer & Co

Gold Nugget Sales
Your gold store for high quality natural gold nuggets and specimens. We specialize in rare gold nuggets and specimens

Opal In Australia Information Websites:

Lightning Ridge Black Opal Country Information Centre
Full of information, local places to visit, and showing you much more of the flavor and uniqueness of the Australian opal mining town of Lightning Ridge.

South Australian Government
Here is plenty of information about the attractions that Cooberpedy has to offer.

Gem & Opal General Information Websites:

A mineral database and mineralogical reference website. So if you are interested in learning more about the mineral composition of opal.... it's all here!

The Mineral Collectors Page
Information relevant to mineral collectors and links to other mineralogy or earth science related sites.

The Ganoksin Project
The gem and jewelry world's foremost information resource on the Internet.A substantial library on gem and jewelry related topics; as well as a sizable collection of art and jewelry galleries, for both the casual visitor and the professional.

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