Lightning Ridge Gem Opal Pendant
Stunning Two-Tier....

Brilliant Lightning Ridge Gem Opal Pendant!

2T Lightning Ridge Gem Opal Pendant

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Price: Aud. $360.00

This is a brilliant & stunning two-tier Doublet Lightning Ridge Gem Opal Pendant set with a solid 9ct.Yellow Gold Bail & Chenier accents.

The opal was mined at Lightning Ridge & both pieces are absolutely neon-brilliant in brightness & colour play!

The top tier plays an amazing neon-emerald green with hints of gold-orange fire.

The bottom tier plays an equally amazing neon bright coppery-red with the overall visual breathtaking!

Both opals are permanently bonded with jet black leadlight glass & everything cut & polished to mirror perfection.

A beautiful Opal Pendant that will
"Shine Out" amazingly for that someone Special!

Top Gem Doublet & Gold Two-Tier Opal Pendant
Solid 9Ct.Yellow Gold Bail & Chenier Accents
Opal: Star quality Gem Opal
Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia
Total Pendant Length:
Emerald Green with Gold-Orange hints & Coppery Reds
Neon Brilliant!

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