Lightning Ridge Crystal Opal
Pendant - P364

Brilliant Lightning Ridge Crystal Opal Pendant!

Brilliant Lightning Ridge Crystal Opal Pendant!

Price: SOLD!

A beautiful & very eye-catching Lightning Ridge Crystal Opal Doublet Pendant with AAA Gem grade Crystal Opal!

The opal is a stunning piece of top quality Lightning Ridge Gem Crystal Opal permanently bonded to a pendant body backing of Queensland Koroit Boulder Opal.

The opal itself has  slightly carved undulating contours on the right side of the Gem to take full advantage of the colours on show.

The colours are brilliant & electric... oranges, reds, golds, green-golds, electric greens & electric blues playing in a gorgeous display of interchanging colour & fire!

The bail is a hallmarked Solid 14 ct. Yellow Gold item that has been drill set into the top of the Boulder Opal.
(The inner measurements of the bail are 5.0mm high & 3.0mm wide at the top.)

A "True Opal Beauty" !

Genuine Australian Opal Doublet & Gold Pendant
Hallmarked Solid 14 ct. Yellow Gold
Opal Type:: AAA High Gem Grade Crystal Opal
Opal Origin: Lightning Ridge, NSW,  Australia
Full Pendant Size:
21.5mm x 9.0mm x 3.5mm deep
Pendant Body:
Queensland Koroit Boulder Opal
Oranges, Reds, Golds, Green-Golds, Electric Greens & Blues
Brightness: Brilliant

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