Lightning Ridge Black Opal

Genuine Lightning Ridge Solid Black Opal

Genuine Lightning Ridge Black Opal Solid!

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Price:  Aud.  $430.00

A beautiful mid-domed 0.96 carat Lightning Ridge Black Opal solid that plays very pretty reds with a couple of electric blue pinfire flashes against a natural body tone of N3-N4.

As shown in pix no.3, there is a very tiny sand inclusion which takes nothing away from the prettiness of the gem!

Great Ring or Pendant Stone!

Solid Black Opal
Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia
Flaws:  Tiny sand inclusion
Weight: 0.96 Carats
 Triangular Freeform Cabochon
Size: 10.0mm x 6.3mm x 2.3mm thick
Brightness: Bright
Body Tones: N3-N4
Pattern: Pinfire

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