Lightning Ridge Opal Pendant - P205

Price: SOLD!

This lovely Lightning Ridge Opal Pendant plays a lovely red, rose-gold color which is interspersed with beautiful shimmers and sparkles of a complimentary light sky blue-green.

The darker patches showing at the top and bottom of this Gem are splashes of  natural darker base tone.

Big and bright - this opal pendant is created from opal mined over thirty years ago. Part of a Lightning Ridge rough opal collection mined and owned by an older opal miner.

I was fortunate to purchase a few specimens of opal rough from his collection quite a few years ago now.

The top half of this pendant is solid Lightning Ridge light grey based Gem Opal, with the bottom half of the Pendant being constructed with jet black leadlight glass with a MOHS hardness of 6.5 to 6.


Overall Pendant Length:-(incl.bail) 26.8mm - (1+1/16" inch)
Pendant Length:-(excl.bail) 20.5mm - (13/16" inch)
Pendant Width:- 16.2mm - (5/8" inch) Pendant Depth:-  5.9mm  - (1/4" inch)
Opal Type:- Solid Lightning Ridge Light Grey Base Gem Opal
Opal Carat Weight:- N/A
Opal Brightness:- Bright Opal Body Tone:- Solid
 Bail:- Australian Solid 9ct.yellow gold

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