Lightning Ridge Opal Earrings
With Matching Gem Crystal Opal (E225)

A delightful pair of Lightning Ridge Opal Earrings with perfectly matched gem opal doublets....

Exquisite Two Tier Lightning Ridge Opal Earrings!

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Price: Aud. $335.00

A delightful pair of perfectly matched Lightning Ridge Gem Crystal Opal Doublet Earrings.

The dangle style Sheppard hooks have been hand fashioned from hard 925 Solid Sterling Silver & beautifully complemented with handcrafted solid 9 ct. Yellow Gold Chenier Accents.

The opal doublets have been permanently backed to jet black leadlight glass, with opal & black glass cut & polished to mirror perfection.

For Everyday Wear & Enjoyment!

Gem Crystal Opal Doublet Earrings
Sheppard Hook Dangle Style, round diameter of silver is 0.75mm
Metal: Solid 925 Sterling Silver with Solid 9ct.Yellow Gold Chenier
Opal Origin:
Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia
Overall Earring Length:
  Top Tier:
5.5mm x 3.2mm x 3.0mm deep
Colour - Orange with Blue
Bottom Tier: 9.3mm x 6.0mm x 3.8mm deep
Colour - Greens with Lemon-Golds
Brightness: Very Bright!

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