Lightning Ridge Black Opal Pendant - P228

Lightning Ridge Black Opal Pendant

Price: SOLD!

A genuine & lovely Solid Lightning Ridge Black Opal, cut from a single nobby of black opal rough from the Mulga Gully field out from Lightning Ridge.

Cut & polished into an attractive 5 sided Freeform shape, this beautiful Gem plays deep reds, pink reds, greens & blues against its own natural black toned background.

Into the top of this Solid Black, I have set a solid gold bail (5.5mm depth) that complements this unique pendant perfectly.

The back of this Black Gem shows some the natural shape and features of how the black opal appeared when mined - with even more deep red showing in the black behind the bail.


Height of Pendant 18.0 mm
Width of Pendant: 21.8 mm
Depth of Opal (Thickest point):  4.0 mm
Shape: Freeform
Opal Type: Lightning Ridge Genuine Solid Black - N4
Pattern: Some Harlequin patterning at play
Colour play: Moving rolling flash
Brightness: Bright Opal Weight: 5.5 carats
Bail: Australian Solid 9 carat yellow gold

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