Koroit Boulder Opal Pendant
"Lotus Flame Temple Door"

Solid Koroit Boulder Opal Pendant -
Solid Koroit Boulder Opal Pendant -

Koroit Boulder Opal Pendant

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This pendant has been so named because of the unique Boulder Opal pattern resembling the likeness of a "Lotus Flame" !

Intrigued by the distinctive markings showing on a single piece of Koroit Boulder Opal, I decided to slice this one piece into two equal halves to see what would be the outcome of the endeavour.

I was immediately attracted to the "lotus flame & temple door" pattern when the two matching halves were placed together side by side.
Working in the spirit of the stone as to what I saw before me, I worked the piece by firstly joining the two halves together by exacting the fit & bonding of the two pieces together with my super strength special combination compound.

Once this was done, the single piece was cut & polished.

I then fashioned a "Lock" for the front Temple Door pattern - this "Gold Seal Lock" was handcrafted using solid 18 ct. Yellow Gold.
For the back of the door, two "locking bars" have been fashioned from solid 9 ct. Yellow Gold & set well into the boulder opal.

A hole was drilled all the way through the boulder to accept the locking pin of the front gold seal lock which was then permanently set into place onto and through the stone.

The bail set into the top of the pendant is solid 925 Sterling Silver, giving a lovely combination of silver & gold.

The gem opal on show are two beautiful flame patterns of contrasting coloured tones of the boulder opal itself.

This pendant is a definite "one of a kind" style!

"Artistry With Opal" !

Boulder Opal Pendant
18ct. Yellow Gold, 9 ct. Yellow Gold & 925 Sterling Silver
Opal Origin:
Koroit, Queensland, Australia
Pendant Length:
Boulder Dimensions:
26.0mm x 27.0mm wide x 3.7mm thick
Unique Flame style patterning
Earthern Reds, Yellow Ochres, dark Ref-browns, differing earthern tones of brown.

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