Koroit Boulder Opal Earrings
With Gem Matrix Boulder Opal...(EB222)

An enchanting pair of Koroit jBoulder Opal Earrings, beautifully matched with Gem Matrix Boulder Opal...

Enchanting Koroit Boulder Opal Earrings!

Price: SOLD!

For Lovers' Of Koroit Opal!

A beautifully matched pair of Gem Matrix Koroit Boulder Opal Earrings.

To create the matched pair of boulder opals, a single small Koroit Boulder Nuggett was split into two, revealing the lovely matched patterns, as shown in the photos.

The sheppard hook style earrings have been handcrafted from round 925 hard Sterling Silver which measure 0.75mm in thickness.

Set directly onto the top of each earring are 14 carat Yellow Gold "Stardust" beads complemented with 9 carat Solid yellow Gold Chenier accents.

To give added strength, thickness & durability, the opal has been backed with jet black leadlight glass, then cut & polished to a mirror finish.

Koroit Opal Earrings that
showcase style & individuality!

Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Doublet Earrings
Opal Origin:
Koroit Opal Mining Fields, Queensland, Australia
Metal: Round 925 Hard Sterling Silver, 14 carat Yellow Gold Stardust Beads with 9 carat Yellow Gold Chenier
Sheppard Hook style
Overall Earring Length:
Earring Body Size:
17.5mm x 10.8mm x 5.0mm thick

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