Gem Matrix Koroit Boulder Opal Pendant - PB290

Gem Matrix Koroit Boulder Opal Pendant

Price: SOLD!

This is a gorgeous piece of 33 carat Gem Matrix Lace pattern Koroit Boulder Opal pendant; large, bold & beautiful!

Lovely lace patterns display in colours of red & pink salmon, light & earthy deep browns, all a very good example of Koroit Boulder Opal ironstone.

Interspersed throughout the weave of the lace patterns is a brilliant display of Gem Matrix Opal playing stunning electric blues, electric aqua greens & tones of purple.

This is a large piece of Koroit Boulder Opal that measures 42mm long x 33mm wide & easily admired for it's striking beauty & uniqueness!

The bail is handforged "Celtic Design" Sterling Silver, stamped with the 925 Hallmark - long wearing & durable.

A delightful Pendant that would suit male or female!

High Quality Solid Gem Matrix Koroit Boulder Opal Pendant
Opal Origin:
Koroit Opal Fields, Queensland, Australia
Overall Pendant Length:
53.0 mm
Opal Size:
42.0mm long, 33.0mm wide & 2.8mm thick
Opal Weight:
33.0 Carats
Matrix Colours:
Electric Blues, Electric Aqua Greens & Purples
Hand forged "Celtic" design 925 Sterling Silver

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