Koroit Boulder Opal Earrings
A Beautifully matched pair of gem matrix opal doublet & sterling silver earrings.....

A pair of beautifully matched Gem Matrix Koroit Boulder Opal Earrings....


From a single piece of Koroit Gem Matrix Boulder Opal, comes this beautiful  pair of matching Gem Matrix Opal doublet earrings.

This piece of Koroit opal was carefully sliced into two equal halves exposing the lovely, & very closely matching green Gem Matrix opal patterns - perfect for a matched earring pair !

The boulder opal has been permanently bonded to a doublet backing of jet black leadlight glass, both the boulder opal & black leadlight glass backing have been hand polished to an absolute mirror perfection.

The sheppard hook earrings are hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver & the 3.0mm round gold beads are genuine 9 ct. yellow gold.

A very pretty pair of Koroit Gem Matrix pattened earrings for everyday wear or a lovely gift for that special friend!

Koroit Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Doublet Drop Earrings
925 Sterling Silver Sheppard hooks & 9 carat yellow Gold 3.0mm round beads
Overall Earrings: Length
35.0 mm
Opal Doublet Size:
18.0mm x 13.5mm x 4.0mm thick
Doublet Backing:
Jet black leadlight glass

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