Koroit Boulder Inlay Gem Opal Pendant

Koroit boulder Inlay Opal Pendant

 Price:   SOLD !

See yourself wearing this?

A stunning Koroit Boulder Inlay Gem Opal Pendant of brilliant fire and color...

This piece was tantalisng...how best  to utilise fully this lovely item of Gem Matrix Koroit Boulder Opal and work with the it's interesting patterns of Gem Opal naturally occurng within the boulder. ?

For this I inlaid a total of three pieces of Cooberpedy Gem Crystal Opal into this creation... and the completed effect?  Stunning !

I began with inlaying a fiery piece of red crystal opal showing hints of blue, into the apex of the pendant, but making this piece truly unique required something out of the ordinary.

The next piece to inlay was a brilliant piece of Gem Crystal exhibiting stunning crimson reds and electric blues. The final shape for this particular inlay piece  was inspired by the very interesting shape of the natural Gem Opal directly beside it..... (my imagination saw a prehistoric bird!).

A little below this is a line of naturally formed Gem Opal featuring blue-green.... this then provided the color match for the final inlay, a lovely piece of Gem Crystal flashing vivid greens all over !

After careful shaping, this piece of green crystal gem was matched perfectly into the contours of the waiting crimson fire.

This Koroit Boulder Inlay Gem Opal Pendant ?   Very unique, very beautiful !


Total Length of Pendant :-                   23.8mm - 15/16" inch

Pendant Length excluding bail:-          17.5mm - 11/16" inch

Pendant Width:-                                   21.6mm - 7/8" inch

Pendant Depth:-                                  4.3mm - 3/16" inch

Bail (Extra solid) :-                            Australian solid 9ct.yellow gold

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