Koroit Gem Matrix Boulder Opal
Picture Rub

A Rare Find !!!
101 Carats of High Quality Boulder Opal Split!

An amazing & rare Koroit Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Split! Two matching identical halves resulting in a unique

Price:   SOLD !

An amazing & totally unique Koroit Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Split!

This original piece of Koroit Boulder Opal has been "split" into two identical matching halves, resulting in the most amazing Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Picture stone I have ever seen!

When shown together, as in the photos, what has emerged is this Gem Opal laced form of a rare & exotic Butterfly - totally, totally unique!

The wings are outlined in very bright Gem Matrix Opal with beautiful matching ironstone patterning radiating out from the wings & again, this patterning is laced with very bright Gem Matrix Opal.

The overall form & patterning is extremely rare & truly remarkable and one would imagine shaping and fashioning of the "outer wings" to mirror the form of the inner Gem outlined wings,  then perhaps giving the "butterfly" a background of a solid gold body studded with diamonds.

The design potential here is for a truly exquisite & rare item of world class jewelry!

The viewed surfaces of the two pieces have been faced off to a 1,200 grit diamond resin semi-polish, so that the patterns & colours are more easily visible.

Opal Type:
Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Rub
Koroit, Queensland, Australia
101 Carats (total)
Each piece measures an average 49mm high, 28mm wide & 3mm thick
Butterfly Picture Stone
Price per Carat:
Aud. $8.50 per Carat

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