Jundah Boulder Matrix Earrings

Jundah Boulder Matrix Earrings

EB217 - Jundah Boulder Matrix Earrings

Price: SOLD!

This gorgeous pair of brightly coloured  Doublet Boulder Matrix Earrings comes from a single stone that was carefully sliced in two, revealing a very closely matched pair of bright scintillating Gem Matrix Opals!

The earrings have been created by permanently bonding the opals to a backing of jet black leadlight glass which has been polished to mirror perfection.

The boulder opal itself has been finished to a  satin textured look finish & the Gem Matrix Opal polished so that it stands out in relief against the dark tones of the boulder background.

The Sheppard Hooks have ben fashioned out of 0.8mm round 925 grade Sterling Silver wire, with solid 9 ct. Yellow Gold accents fitted directly above & below each of the opals.

A stunning & delightful pair of Boulder Opal Gem Matrix Earrings for everyday wear!

Jundah Gem Matrix Boulder Opal Doublet Earrings
925 Sterling Silver Sheppard Hooks with Solid 9 ct. Yellow Gold Accents.
Opal Colours:
Oranges, Emerald Greens, Blues
Overall Earring Length:
Opal Doublet Size:
15.5mm round diamter x 4.5mm thick
Doublet Backing:
Jet black leadlight glass

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