Intarsia Inlay Opal Pendant
With Gem Quality Shell Crystal Opal

Intarsia Inlay Opal Pendant

Intarsia Inlay Opal Pendant

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This is a gorgeous pendant in a simple & elegant design, a marrying of opal & glass in a clean & precise exercise in intarsia & inlay craftsmanship.

The opal is of two fine examples of high Gem quality Shell Crystal Opal & the glass is jet black leadlight glass.

The top opal plays brilliant broad rolling flashes of neon reds, violets & amazing changing hues of blue, greens & green gold.

The bottom opal tends to be more of small rolling flashes that play oranges, gold, green-golds & green.

The lower half of the pendant is also created from jet black leadlight glass with the complete piece but & polished to mirror perfection.

The bail that has been set deep within the pendant is 925 Sterling Silver, whilst the accent at the bottom of the pendant has been fashioned from solid 9 ct Yellow Gold.

 Intarsia & Inlay Pendant with Opal & Black Glass
Solid 925 Sterling Silver & Solid 9 ct. Yellow gold Accent
High Qualilty Gem Shell Crystal Opal
See descripion above
Pendant Length:
Opal Intarsia dimensions:
15.5mm x 12.0mm x 4.2mm thick

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