Inlay Gem Boulder Opal Pendant
"Inca Dawn"

Stunning Inlay Gem Boulder Opal Pendant - 39.5 Carats !

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Price: SOLD!

With a feel of enchantment & mystique, this stunning inlay Gem Boulder Opal Pendant displays a rare & natural gorgeous patterning, very much like the early dawn rays of our exotic sunrise!

Completing this picture, into the centre of these deep blue radiating lines & circles, a beautiful & vibrant solid piece of red multi-coloured Coober Pedy Gem Crystal Opal has been inlaid, representing the "Inca Sun" giving a contrast of fire & warmth against the much cooler emanating rays of indigo blue in the Boulder Opal.

Beautifully polished & set with a bail of solid 925 Sterling Silver.

A very unique & enchanting
handcrafted Boulder Opal Pendant would make for a great collector's piece
& of course, an item for everyday wear!

Solid Boulder Opal & Inlay Silver Pendant
Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Opal Type: Solid Boulder Opal
Quilpie, Queensland, Australia
Opal Inlay Type :
Solid Gem Crystal Opal
Opal Inlay Origin:
Coober Pedy, South Australia
Weight of Pendant::
39.5 Carats
Length of Pendant:
Boulder Opal Size:
23.7mm x 24.4mm x 6.4mm thick
Diameter of Opal Inlay:
8.5mm Round diam.

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