Inlay Opal& Gem Intarsia Pendant  P198

Opal Inlay Intarsia Pendant

Price: SOLD !

The center-piece of this creation was the inspiration for this exquisite and truly stunning Inlay Opal & Gem Intarsia pendant.

A magnificent piece of Cooberpedy red/multicolor Gem Crystal Opal takes prime position  here, featuring cascades of brilliant red fire suffused with brilliant electric blues, greens, golds and crimson - stunning !

This piece of brillant opal has then been inlayed into carefully shaped and sculptured jet black leadlight glass.  This special type of leadlight glass is much denser and stronger in it's make-up than ordinary leadlight glass, and has a hardness of  6 to 6.5 on the MOHS scale.

Surrounding this center-piece is Gem Opal from the varied Australian Opal mining fields of Lightning Ridge, Coober-Pedy, Andamooka and Mintabie - all joined together in a glorious harmony of vibrant color, light and fire.

At the very top of this beautiful opal pendant is a section of emerald green to green-blue fire which displays a lovely and quite unique rolling ribbon harlequin pattern.

This piece was quite involved in it's making and construction and  all the fitting and joining was done by "hand & eye" alone - no angle cutting machinery was used here !

All  this vibrant and stunning fire is fused to a solid body of jet black leadlight glass nicely complemented with a hallmarked solid 14ct. yellow gold dress bail - of my own design.

This beautiful Inlay/Intarsia Pendant  would be a stunning and wonderful heirloom piece, or alternatively a very unique Opal Investment.


Overall Length of Pendant,incl.bail 27.6mm - 1 + 1/8" inch
Length of Pendant, excl. bail 20.5mm - 13/16: inch
Width of Pendant 21.0mm - 13/16"+ inch
Depth of Pendant 6.2mm - 1/4" inch
Bail Hallmarked Australian Solid 14ct. yellow gold.

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