Harlequin Gem Opal Pendant
*(Reversible Opal Pendant!)

A brilliant & stunning

P235 - Price SOLD!

A brilliant & stunning "Reversible" Harlequin Gem Opal Pendant.

A doublet opal pendant of thick Top Gem, with the reverse aspects of this amazing piece being constructed with Gem Matrix Yowah Boulder Opal

The primary feature opal of this pendant is an incredible piece of Lightning Ridge neon brilliant small-harlequin patterned Gem Crystal Opal, with a full face colour play at every angle.

Because of the thickness of this Gem piece, the colour play effect is fully 3D, absolutely amazing !

Colours at play here are oranges, orange-lime greens, lemon green-oranges, extremely bright grass greens and beautiful blues - all electric with the colours rolling & flashing at every angle. Breathtaking!

The Reverse side and that which forms the doublet aspect of this "one-of-a-kind" Opal Pendant, is of Gem Matrix Yowah Boulder Queensland Opal.

Against the natural brown tones of the Boulder is a multitude of minature blazing rivelets of brilliant neon colours, closely matching the neon-brilliant colours of the primary face of the pendant.

At play here are oranges, orange-greens, neon greens and electric blues.

To fully appreciate the colours & incredible colour play, the Video viewing (see below) of this stunning Gem Opal Pendant is a must!


Total Length of Pendant, incl.bail: 28.8 mm
Length of Opal: 21.3 mm
Thickness of Pendant:  4.8 mm
Opal Origins: Lightning Ridge & Yowah
Opal Type:   Front: Neon brilliant Harlelquin Lightning Ridge Gem Crystal.
Opal Type:   Reverse: Gem Matrix Yowah Boulder Opal
Opal Colours:  Oranges, orange-greens, green-oranges, greens & electric blues.
Bail: Australian Solid 9 carat Yellow Gold

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