Gem Shell Crystal Opal Pendant
From the Opal Mining Fields of Cooberpedy (P369)

Delightful Gem Shell Crystal Opal Pendant!

Gem Shell Crystal Opal Pendant

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Price:  Aud. $80.00

A very pretty two-tier high quality Gem Opal Doublet & Solid Sterling Silver Pendant, with the Gem Shell Crystal Opal
permanently bonded to jet black leadlight glass with everything cut & polished to perfection.

The bail is Australian Solid Sterling Silver
with the pin transversing the center & full length of the two tiers.

The Pendant comes with an 18" high quality Sterling Silver plated chain with lobster clasp.

100% Natural Gem Opal Doublet & S/Silver Pendant
Coober Pedy, South Australia
Bail: Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Shape: Oval Mid Domed Cabochon
Opal Size:
Top tier: 5.5mm x 4.3mm x 3.7mm deep
Bottom tier: 7.7mm x 6.0mm x 5.0mm deep
Full Pendant Length:
20 mm
Top: Emerald Greens & Lemon Green-Yellow
Bottom:  Red Multi-Colour
Brilliant & Very Bright !
Opal Colour Tone:

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